Getting there!

We seems to have been recording forever, but that's because we're making two albums at once. Productive! Finally putting the flute and clarinet on both.
This week we were recording some new material Dan's written. Photos from the session show…

New recording project

We're recording again! It's a slow process but it's sounding great. A full twenty minute piece doesn't get recorded in a second.
But it's nearing completion and we had a great time recording percussion this week. 
Here's some photos so…

QEH Bryars premiere

The QEH performance was fantastic. Not just to play in that great venue and acoustic, but it was an absolute honour to give the premiere of "Burroughs". Composed by Gavin Bryars, for us. Gavin we love you. Amazing and beautiful…

Line-up for QEH

First rehearsal of the new Gavin Bryars piece yesterday, and it is beautiful! Our line-up for the performance on October 11th at QEH will be:
Abi Murray- Flute; Richard Bond-clarinet and guitar, Alessandro Le Barbera-mandolin and guitar, Alastair Beveridge, Robbie…

Gavin Bryars commission

We have big news. The English composer Gavin Bryars has been commissioned to write us a piece. An honour for us as we hold this composer in high esteem. We're pretty excited. The piece was commissioned a while ago so…


Nice article about us by the Institute

CD launch gig at St Pancras Old Church on Sunday

Very excited about this! We'll be playing material from the CD, plus a hint of some new original material we're working on. CDs will be on sale. But you can order CD and ticket together at a discount from our…